11 October 2016

Reveiw: Disruption by Chuck Barrett

If you are a fan of shows like 24 or Spooks then this book will be right up your street.

Fast paced action with detailed descriptions of characters and locations that make you feel like you are there. It reminded me of the Da Vinci code in the way the characters are rushing from place to place to try to prevent Disruption. It's also very topical considering the increasing reports of hacking in the media.

I was slightly disappointed that the book 'borrows' one of popular MH370 conspiracy theories as I felt it was a bit lazy as well as being disrespectful to the missing and their families. The author does explain its inclusion in the afterword though.

Disruption is available from Amazon from October 25th at £6.10 for the Kindle edition.

[Based on NetGalley ARC]

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