Rating System Explained

1 star - Such a low rating generally means that I could not finish the book, or if I did it was a hard slog and not enjoyable. For non-fiction books it can also mean that there are factual inaccuracies or a strong, non-admitted bias by the author. I would not recommend reading this book.

2 stars - A book that I didn't really like or had issues in terms of writing style or format. There wasn't anything major wrong with the book but it isn't one that I would recommend, unless you could get hold of a free copy.

3 stars - A good, solid read. This is a book that is enjoyable, but doesn't have anything amazing about it. I would keep an eye out for it but would not re-read.

4 stars - An excellent book which is a page turner and enjoyable to read. It is a book I would re-read but just doesn't have the 'x-factor' required for a 5 star rating. These books should be at the top of your to-read list.

5 stars - An amazing book, the crème de la crème of the genre and a book that I would heartily recommend. This is the kind of book that you can whizz through and are left wanting more. It has the 'x-factor' and is well worth getting even if it is full price. For non-fiction books this is a must be a definitive source of information on the subject, and is informative and well written. BUY THIS BOOK NOW!

Half-star ratings are given to books that share the features of two categories.
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