11 July 2011

Review: Go the F**K to Sleep by Adam Mansback

Go the F**K to Sleep is the nightly routine that many parents go through, as such I am surprised that this is the first time someone has turned it into satire in this way. The book, designed to mimic a children's story book, is the internal dialogue of an exhausted farther who's daughter just won't sleep.

The book had me in stitches from page one, although most of the humour seemed from the 'naughtyness' of the liberal swearing throughout, this is not a high-brow satirical piece but is nevertheless a great read. I especially liked the ending, which happened to my own parents more than once over the years. The illustrations however are generally unappealing and the use of several different children in the illustrations instead of just one is confusing and unnecessary. Amusing as it may be, it is not a work of literary genius with lines such as "How come you can do all this other great s*!t, But you can’t lie the f*@k down and sleep?"

Overall, it is an amusing story, which all parents will be able to relate to, and would make a great little gift for new parents. Obviously this is not a children's book and should probably be kept away from little readers due to the language.

Go the F**K to Sleep is available from Amazon UK for £4.54 and from Amazon US for $7.35. There is also a free audio book version available from Audible, narrated by Samuel L. Jackson.

[An ARC copy was provided by Open Road Media]


  1. I have to admit, the title drew me to read the review. I would buy that, maybe without even looking inside. Did you try the audible version? I would imagine Samuel L Jackson would rock it out.

  2. Thanks for reading!

    I did try the audio book, and I have to say it gets 5/5 stars just for having Mr Jackson! He was very good in it, you can download it free from audiable at the moment.

  3. Ha ha ha! I'm gifting this book to all my friends who have or are having kids. No joke. Thanks for the review!

  4. Your welcome. Definitely one to turn to in the middle of the night when the little ones won't go to sleep.

  5. I have two toddlers who would be shocked if they saw how colourful mommy's thoughts towards them get. definitely getting it. Thanks for sharing,


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