21 June 2012

Update: Review Guidelines

Life sometimes takes a funny turn, my life did several months ago and as such I have only just started reviewing again. The sheer number of review requests in my inbox upon my return was shocking and has forced me to make a change to my review guidelines.

Effective immediately I will now only review books from indie/self-published authors in the following genres: 
- non-fiction 
- crime
- mystery
- thrillers (including medical thrillers)
- action/adventure
- dystopian
- apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic
- zombie
- suspense
- espionage/military
- sci-fi with a strong science/technology/medicine focus

The genres listed reflect my personal reading interests and are genres that I read and enjoy regularly, making it more likely that I will review your book. Hopefully this change will save authors time and effort, as well as making it easier for me to get through review requests. The guidelines for agency authors remain the same.

If you are not sure if your book falls under these categories drop me an e-mail with a short synopsis and I'll let you know. 


  1. Hope your ok now!

    I'm following you.
    Here's mine


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