24 July 2013

Free e-book: The Unburied Dead by Douglas Lindsay

Get your hands on the new detective novel picking up lots of five star reviews on Amazon. The first book in Douglas Lindsay's new Thomas Hutton detective series, The Unburied Dead is currently available on Amazon free of charge.

Douglas Lindsay is no stranger to the writing game, he is the author behind the successful Barney Thomson serial killer series, the first book of which is also free to download on Kindle here.

There is already a second installment to the new Thomas Hutton series on the way, so this is a perfect opportunity to get yourself up to speed and to discover a new series over the summer.

The following summary is from GoodReads:

"A psychopath walks the streets of Glasgow, selecting his first victim. He sees his ex-girlfriend everywhere, and he will have her back.

When a woman is savagely murdered, her body stabbed over a hundred times, the police know from the nature of the crime that the killer will strike again. DCI Bloonsbury, the once-feted detective, is put in charge of the investigation, but as the killer begins to hit much closer to home and an old police conspiracy starts to unravel, Bloonsbury slides further into morose alcoholic depression.

In the middle of it all is Detective Sergeant Thomas Hutton, juggling divorce, deception, alcohol, murdered colleagues, and Dylan. He could use a break but the dead will not rest and the past will not be buried until he can catch the latest serial killer to haunt the streets of his city"

Choose the right site to download your copy now:

Amazon US
Amazon UK

Note: Always check the price listed on Amazon before purchasing. The price here was correct at the time of being posted but may change without notice. 


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