24 May 2011

Discount E-books - Donor by Ken McClure

Ken McClure is one of my all time favourite authors who pens well-researched, page-turner medical/science thrillers. I have read his entire catalogue, and was ecstatic to see many of his older and rarer titles offered on Kindle.

His first book in the fantastic Dr Dunbar series is now on Amazon UK for just 94p! It seems to be part of a promotion of the newly released e-book versions of McClure's more recent novels with prices ranging from £1.59 to £9.75 for his newest offering Lost Causes, which is due out in print on the 1st June.

I highly recommend giving Donor a try, and if you like it getting the rest of McClure's work. McClure's work is some of the only e-books I will spend more than £5 on.

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