2 May 2011

Review: Duragadget Kindle Cover with Stand

The Duragadget cover and stand is flip-style leather case available in a range of colours from Amazon
 and Play.com. It retails from £10.99 - £15.49 depending on colour.

From Amazon.co.uk

The case feels well made and is only a fraction of the cost of the official case. There is a bit of a smell to it but that dissipated quite quickly and I can no longer smell it. I choose the red option but there are several other colours available, I now regret the colour choice as it clashes with the grey of the Kindle, but of course that is personal taste. The fact the corners are not covered annoys me some what, especially when holding it as the leather rubs against my palm. It fits snugly onto the Kindle, but makes the Kindle heavier and bulkier than before, which would be an issue if you regularly travel with the Kindle. 

The stand, whilst functional, does not feel very stable, and I prefer not to use it, nor do I really see the point. It is difficult to press the buttons whilst the case is in the stand position which is a hindrance when reading. 

The case leaves gaps for all the buttons, ports and the keyboard, allowing full operation whilst in the case but it covers the speakers which I have found interferes with the text-to-speech function, but this isn't a big downside if you don't use the feature. A screen protector would be beneficial. 

Overall more of a fashion item, than a functional one. I do not see the point of the stand and have increasingly found the bulkiness and stitching to be an annoyance so have stopped using the case. If you use the speakers for text-to-speech or audio-books then you may have issues with the case as the cover muffles the sound from the speakers. However, for the price a good alternative to the official case.

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