20 May 2011

Review Guidelines


I am more than happy to receive review requests. I will review any genre, but as this is a hobby I will choose to read those books that appeal to me and so I don't guarantee a review. I also cannot guarantee a time frame for the review either, though I will try to turn it around within a reasonable time and will also drop you a line when I finish and publish the review. I cannot guarantee you a 5* review but will provide an honest opinion and explain the rating so that readers can make an informed choice. 

I don't accept payment for reviews, although, as this blog is run as a non-profit hobby, if you request a review I do expect you to provide a complimentary copy, which can be e-mailed, provided as a Amazon gift or through the use of a coupon. Accepting a copy does not guarantee a review nor does it guarantee a high rating; all my reviews are an honest reflection of the book. I prefer Kindle formats, but as long as your book does not have DRM I can convert formats if you do not provide an Kindle version. 

To request a review either fill at the form at the bottom of this post or e-mail tomesofthesoul@gmail.com with the following: 

-A copy of the book
-A summary of the book including information on the genre
-An optional summary of you as a author, including any previously published work
-An link to where readers can download your book
-Any optional discount being offered to readers (this can increase intrest in your book)

In turn I will provide on the site:
-An honest review posted on Tomes of the Soul
-A picture of the cover
-A summary of the book
-Links to where readers can purchase the book

As well as including the review on the blog I can also post reviews to Amazon, Smashwords and similar sites if you request it, and I reserve the write to edit, post, share and delete any reviews. You, as the author or publisher, are welcome to use the whole review or 'snippets' on your website, e-book or promotional material as long as this site is referenced, and if possible please let me know if this is the case. If I choose not to review your book or simply do not have time, your book may be mentioned in a promotional post instead.


I am more than happy to promote your book on the site AS LONG AS it is being offered free or at a discounted price for readers. This can be a limited time offer, a permanent price change or accomplished via a coupon or discount code that can be distributed via this site. In rarer cases, I will promote a book which is not discounted or free, but this is done on my discretion.

I am also open to hosting book give-aways for both agency, indie and self-published authors. If this would appeal to you please e-mail/fill in the form to discuss details. 

If you wish to promote your book please e-mail me at tomesofthesoul@gmail.com or fill in the form below. As with all my blog work, I cannot guarantee to use, promote or review your material, but will try, where possible, to let you know what I intend to do. 


I am pretty easy going and open to new suggestions. So if you want an interview, guest blog etc. just drop me an e-mail at tomesofthesoul@gmail.com and we'll work something out.

NOTE: This blog is now ad-sponsored. This means that readers clicking on certain product links will earn the site an advertising fee, if you do not agree for you product to be used that way then you must make me aware of that in your communications.

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